✿ Spring OOTD ✿ White Lace Crop Top & Cream Skirt ✿

5:41 PM

Hi LovieBunnies!!~

First and foremost, I wanted to let you know that I am super excited today because I was a lucky enough gal to work with the beautiful and talented Joanne [UrHappyBunnie] on her weekly series called UrMadeUpFace!! You can check out the post here. I talk a little about myself there and the products I use for my look so if you're interested, please have a look <3

✿               ✿               ✿

Spring has arrived and I'm loving the beautiful flowers and birdies!! It's such a great start to the day when you come out to fresh air, beautiful colors and birdsong. We do get a lot of rain where I'm at right now, but I'll live ☁︎ 

Here's my outfit. Very simple and very comfortable. A white lace crop top with long sleeves and a cream patterned skirt. 

Top & Skirt: Forever 21
✿ Here are the details up close ✿

I'm extra in love with cream and light pastel colors. 
What are you wearing now? :3 

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  1. omg I love your ootd!!!
    it's so girly and pretty XD
    sdajshd your hair is soo long and pretty!!!
    please check out my blog?
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn.blogspot.com || SNSD Taeyeon Mr.Mr. Makeup Tutorial [Click!~]

    1. So glad that you enjoyed it!!~ Thank you thank you sweetie :3
      My hair is quite damaged :P So I'll have to make a trip to the salon soon >////< Putting that off for as long as I can hahaha. I love your blog cutie!!

  2. Oh, so lovely outfit! White is so beautiful color! **

    ❤ ✿ VISIT MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  3. This is such a pretty outfit!! You really suit lace, it makes you look amazing ♥


    1. AWWW Fifi you're so sweet!!~ Makes me happy :3

  4. gorgeous i adore the top :)


    1. Thank you Shimz!!~ You're so sweet :3

  5. I'm loving the lace!!! Such a pretty girly outfit!! :) I love pastel colors as well!!! Pink, blue, purple, orange, pastels, etc. ^^ I like ancient history too!!! I'm in love with all the ancient outfits like the hanfu, and other traditional Asian outfits. My sis and I are very influenced by the ancient Cdramas. ^O^

    <3 from Chuonie

    1. Oh my goodness me too!!~ I used to watch those Cdramas all the time as a kid and super love the Hanfu also!!~ My goodness, I can totally see us going to coffee together :] xoxo

  6. This is such an adorable outfit, Cindy! I love the girly white on white. c: I'm in pajamas because I'm a lazy butt.

    OhCindyRella Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thanks Cindy!!~ You're so cuuute! I added you to my circles, but really wanted to add you on GFC too! I didn't see it though :<


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